Kauri Distribution is a sustainable consultancy group focusing especially on sustainable fashion with experts specialized in the fields of: General sustainable consultancy, Distribution, Design and branding and Sustainable investments. Our vision is to convert the world to a 360 degree sustainable lifestyle. To do that, we want to change the way we consume, by educating and offering to our customers a mix of sustainable,innovative and high quality products. Therefore we are here to promote a conscious and responsible consumption, for the world of today and tomorrow.

If you are launching your sustainable company or you want to change or improve your existing company towards a more sustainable approach do not hesitate to contact us.



The Plant Kauri is among the largest species of tree in the world. These trees have been felled by cataclysms and buried in the mud of the marshes; a set of climatic conditions has left them intact for a period ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 years. What makes the Kauri incredibly unique and fascinating is that despite its long stay under the mud it is neither rotten nor petrified, allowing the man to work it like a freshly cut wood. Moreover the Kauri can be considered as the most environmentally friendly wood in the world. To work it does not require any deforestation.

We got inspired from this plant because it’s an unique resource which is considered very ecofriendly and long lasting so it is a symbol for care, quality, nature, preservation and reuse. We choose to call our consultancy group Kauri because it stands for quality which is going to be the drive for all we do.